Neither Confirm nor Deny

During the Cold War, the CIA secretly raised a sunken Soviet nuclear submarine from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The six-year operation included an intricate cover story by billionaire Howard Hughes. Drawing on declassified documents and never-before-seen interviews, NEITHER CONFIRM NOR DENY tells one of the highest-stakes, yet least known stories of the Cold War.

Role: Film Producer

I  produced the Documentary Feature Film – Neither Confirm nor Deny – collaborating  closely with Director, Phil Carter over a five year period. During this time not only did we source and secure the interviews with the extraordinary players in this story, including David Sharp, Hank Phillipi Ryan and legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, we also uncovered previously unheard audio archive of the Watergate era. As well as collaborating creatively  on the story structure, I also raised the development and production finance.

Because the story was so jaw dropping, as Head of Development and Acquisitions at New Sparta, I simultaneously led the creative development of a scripted feature film with the screenwriter Dave Collard and Ridley Scott’s company in LA. This fiction screenplay of Neither Confirm nor Deny was voted no 3 on the prestigious Hollywood Blacklist in 2022.

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