Mark WatsonWriter, Novelist, Stand-up Comedian, Broadcaster
“In a longish career I’ve rarely met a script editor with such a forensic eye as Sheryl. Many producers (as we all know) are good at saying ‘this needs to be better somehow’, but not many are able to pinpoint with such accuracy the exact moments in a screenplay that need rethinking. It takes someone with real insight to identify the two or three key changes which will elevate a 100-page script, and this is a gold-dust skill from a writer’s point of view. It has been my good fortune to work with her and I hope there’ll be many more collaborations ahead.”

Marc Evans – Film and TV Drama Director 
“I have worked with Sheryl on several projects, most notably on my first feature film (House of America) which we developed together from a stage play and ushered all the way through to its completed form as a cinema feature. Sheryl is an experienced and effective producer in her own right but comes from a development background, loves and understands stories. Having produced real films in the real world, she understands the requirements and strictures of the script as a working, industrial document but is always in tune with the soul of the work itself, the characters, the narrative, the tone.

People often complain that projects are “over-developed”, that is usually because there have been too many voices, too many opinions influencing the project without a structured, holistic approach being applied. A trained third eye if you like, someone asking the right questions. The key to development I feel is having a person at the centre of the process who has a sure handle on what the project is and should be. Protecting its integrity as well as optimising its chances of it being made. Sheryl, because of her experience in both production and development, is expert at this. If what you need is an honest broker and creative champion who can organise and coalesce then she is that person.”

Ruth Kenley Letts – CEO and Producer – Snowed-In Productions and Bronte Film and Television 
“When I have worked with Sheryl, I have found her to be an insightful, skilled and experienced script editor and development person with an ability to identify talent and see the creative potential of a story.  

She additionally has the skill to immediately understand script problems, combined with an ability to identify why things might not be working, and subsequently is able to articulate the issues and possibilities in a clear and constructive way, so that effective solutions can be found. Sheryl is a valuable contributor to the creative development process.”

Morwenna Banks – Screenwriter 
“One of the many things a writer needs (along with vats of coffee and many food-based incentives – or is that just me?) is an executive who believes in them and understands the process of writing and the complexities involved in the transition of script to screen. I worked with Sheryl Crown and New Sparta during the production of my feature film ‘Miss You Already’. I was incredibly fortunate to have such rigorous, thoughtful, tenacious and kind support. Sheryl really appreciated the aims of the script and had a great overview as regards story, structure and character. My genuine thanks to her.”

Matt Baker – Hanway films and Recorded Picture Company
“Sheryl has great taste and is highly experienced and skilled in developing scripts into features. She does this with wit and warmth and has been a valuable ally to our company on numerous projects.”

Ruth CalebTV and Film Producer
“I’ve worked with Sheryl over many years. First when she was a BBC script editor, later when she was a producer and executive producer. She is multiskilled and multitalented. Great at all aspects of the job. She combines good taste with excellent script judgement. She has a profound understanding of all aspects of the film industry. Indefatigable, principled, knowledgeable, and an all-round lovely human being.”

Jonathan Butterell – Film and Theatre Director
“I have been working with Sheryl Crown for over a year now on the film All in The Same Boat  to be produced by New Sparta Productions. 

From my first meeting I knew, as someone coming from a theatre background into the world of film that I was in rigorous, passionate and deeply intelligent hands. 

My desire to tell stories that feel relevant and search to find common humanity was supported by Sheryl’s profound understanding of narrative, gesture, image and rhythm of the screenwriting process. Along with the writers Tom Williams and Warren FitzGerald, Sheryl has guided and supported us to create a story that has both scale and intimacy, wit and rawness and feels urgent and ready to share with a cinema audience.

To have Sheryl as a collaborator and provocative sounding board has been essential to our process and I can only envy anyone who gets to work with her on other projects.”

Tom Williams Screenwriter
“Sheryl is like a personal trainer for my first drafts – she crunches my characters, stretches out my structure and deadlifts my dialogue – but with that essential positivity which makes me feel all this pain is going to be worth it in the end.”

Nadine Marsh- Edwards – Producer – Greenacre Films
“I met Sheryl whilst we were both working in the BBC’s Drama Department and we have continued to be friends and colleagues over the years. 

As independent producers we went on to launch and run a 12-month long industry diversity development training scheme for aspiring and talented film makers across fiction and factual genres. Sheryl also became an executive producer on the documentary feature, From the Ashes, that Greenacre also exec produced; her suggestions were always constructive and she was very supportive throughout the process. 

Her range of experience in film production and her depth and knowledge of script editing and development in television is invaluable and always good to have in a room. I’ve loved working with Sheryl and look forward to working with her again very soon.”

Terence Davis – Film Director 
“I have known Sheryl Crown, both personally and professionally, for many years.

As someone who writes all their own screenplays, I find Sheryl’s ability to read and analyse scripts, in all phases of editorial development, absolutely invaluable. She is able to understand and empathise with the source material as well as my own perception of the material, and what I’m trying to do with it. Thus, she is singularly able to assist me in tying those two strands together in a concise manner whilst maintaining the broader narrative arc.

In a more traditional, practical role as lead producer I have never had any cause to doubt her abilities whatsoever. She is both dynamic and calming and she just gets the job done.

I work with Sheryl and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”

Linda James – Producer – Sly Fox Films 
“Sheryl is an exceptionally gifted development executive. Alongside a strong instinct for story and a depth of experience in analyzing scripts, she has the ability to engage with the writer’s process in an exacting but supportive way to deliver the best possible results for everyone involved. What I’ve seen her achieve is amazing.”

Clare Foster – Screenwriter  
“Sheryl has given the best notes of any development executive I have worked with since 1994. She understands both ends of the screenwriting process – big picture thinking, and clarity about purpose across the team before any writing starts, then simple touches that make the intention behind the writing more effective: when more – and less – emphasis is needed.”

Pauline Burt – Head of Film Agency Wales – Ffilm Cymru
“Having known Sheryl for many years in my roles overseeing both public and commercial film finance, I can vouch for her sound creative and business acumen, her absolute integrity and the fact that she is a pleasure to work with.  Never afraid to say what needs to be said, Sheryl is a safe and skilled pair of hands to guide any film or television project through its process from early development, through to packaging, production and exploitation.”

Philip Carter – Documentary Feature Director
‘Sheryl is a tenacious and dynamic producer who approaches every film with tremendous energy and passion. Her storytelling instinct — across both factual and fiction — is honed by years of experience, and her track-record speaks for itself.’

Gareth Unwin Ellis – Producer – Bedlam Productions
“Currently enjoying working with Sheryl on a feature film script in development at Bedlam, that needs a fair bit of excavation and deconstruction to see how to improve and resolve the story, plot and character issues. No small task. The work is creatively painstaking, but step by step Sheryl is endeavouring to clear a path that enables the writer to understand not only what’s missing but why the story isn’t quite landing, so they can hopefully generate some carefully guided but not prescriptive solutions. Her analytical abilities, specific script skills and narrative development experience has helped us make real progress, cheerfully and with hope.” 

Paul Morrison, Writer-Director
“Sheryl understood the kind of authenticity I wanted to bring to the development of my screenplay for Solomon & Gaenor and let me have my head. She gave me good and appropriate script notes – which means not too many but the right ones. She had the contacts in Wales we particularly needed to bring in finance and when it came to production, she had great suggestions for crewing – including music, DOP and casting director. The film was nominated for an Oscar so together we didn’t do too bad.”

Dave Collard – LA-based Screenwriter 
“Sheryl is the best kind of development executive – she has a keen story sense, great ideas (but doesn’t believe she has a monopoly on them!), and an indefatigable work ethic.  During the development process, she was a creative partner, confidante, and a champion for the project and the writer.”

Christopher Simon – Producer – New Sparta Productions
“I first met Sheryl in 2014 when she worked with me as an EP on Miss You Already. She made many insightful creative contributions throughout the entire production and post-production process which helped us get the very best version of the film. 

Subsequently, working closely with her for the last five years at New Sparta, I have rarely seen such dedication and commitment. She is passionate about developing screenplays that speak to wide audiences. She understands the very core and every aspect of storytelling.” 

Britt Harrison – Script Consultant & Screenwriter)
“Sheryl’s insight into scripts is unrivalled and her ‘three levels’ of conflict idea is beyond useful. 

Her unquenchable passion for the power of screen stories is matched by her unquestionable professionalism and decency. 

One couldn’t hope for a more supportive and generous colleague, whether for a single day’s project-illuminating discussion or over the years it can take to travel from idea to screen.

Aschlin Ditta – Screenwriter
“I worked with Sheryl during my time writing the film Oxford for New Sparta Productions and the experience for me as a screenwriter was immensely positive. Sheryl has that rare but most essential quality that every creative producer should in her desire to match the forensic with the artistic. Her notes always move the project forward and her charm and innate knowledge of the work, and indeed the industry, instil a great confidence in the writing process.

I would happily work with Sheryl again and know that any project/company that decides to work with her will be choosing someone who will add huge value to their product.”

Dario Poloni – Screenwriter
“I worked with Sheryl adapting Sam Angus’s children’s book, Soldier Dog, into a film script. Sheryl always made useful suggestions and had a good understanding of how I worked as a writer and what and what kind of support I needed creatively. The importance of having a calm presence who knows the writing and production processes inside out cannot be over-stated.”

Gordon Anderson – TV and Film Director
“I would say that what I like about script development with Sheryl Crown, is that she combines a vivid and passionate creative imagination with a fastidious attention to the nuts-and-bolts detail of story development. This makes her such a valuable collaborator because not only can she enhance artistic free-thinking she can also really support painstaking incremental structure development.”