Having worked on over 25 hours of broadcast television drama as well as many feature films I can offer you the following services and skills:

  • Script Editing: I can provide first-rate collaborative script editing services for your story at any stage, from idea or treatment to final draft, across television and film projects. 
  • Drama Development: I can source or develop and nurture single projects or series or a varied slate across television and film working with you and the stories you want to tell. I can help you find the appropriate and best writers for the books you have optioned or articles you have read. I can introduce you to agents and talent and help steer a path towards production.
  • Production: I can produce with you or for you and help you package your feature film project with talent and potential finance partners and oversee all aspects of the script onto screen.
  • Executive Producer: I can help you raise finance and make introductions, helping you work with both commercial and public funds, and support you creatively with film and television projects throughout the acquisition, development, production and post-production process.
  • Webinars, Training, Workshops, Lectures: I can provide detailed training in script development skills, as well as in-depth sessions on screenwriting for you or your employees, where people are keen to learn the craft and hone their skills, based on years of practical experience of the work in the Industry, not just theory, to inform and illuminate.

Fees are available on enquiry, subject to individual or company requests, and the length and type of job or contract required. Happy to work with you or within your team. 

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