About me

With finely tuned skills for narrative development, story structure, and character motivation, alongside extensive production industry experience and understanding, I can help support the script development process though to production. Honest, constructive, rigorous and enabling in my approach, we could cut through hours of painful ‘development hell’ and ‘what ifs’ to make something good happen. I am committed to excellence, nurturing and supporting talent throughout a direct and fun collaborative creative process. Although my most recent experiences have been in feature films, I have worked in television drama for many years and believe that never before has the cross-over potential between film and high-end television been so fluid, competitive and exciting. Now is a great time to be working with the transferable core skills and experience I have to create strong narratives whatever the format. I have ongoing relationships with talent agencies and developed useful creative and business relationships with a wide range of UK and international production companies, financiers, sales agents and distributors.

I’d be happy to support you or your company with the whole story from script to screen and engage with you at whatever point you are at in the creative development and production process.

If you’d like to know more about working together, please contact me here.